View Advertisements (daily task) to earn ePoints

< Back to Social Trade Updates Last updated: 21-Dec-2016

Here are steps to perform daily task/view advertisements to earn ePoints:

  1. Login to your SocialTrade account, and on dashboard click on "View Advertisements"

  2. It will take you to "Earn ePoints" page, there you can start opening the advertisements, through click on hand icon (  ) marked below for each respective advertisement. At a time, this hand icon is enabled for 1 advertisement only.As soon as you click on the hand icon, it will open advertisement in new window for 30 seconds for you to view it.  You do not have to close the advertisement, it will close automatically after 30 seconds.if you observe before the click, current Today's Earned Premium ePoints are Zero (0).

    As soon as advertisement window is closed, you will get 1 Premium ePoint, hand icon will shift to next advertisement, and status for previous advertisement will change to "clicked" as shown below. Now, you need to click on next advertisement and so on until you finish viewing all the advertisements for today.


Note: In case of heavy traffic on website, at times hand may not shift to next advertisement quickly, please have patience and it will shift automatically. In case of long delay, you may try to refresh the page.