Social Trade: ePoints and Clicks Calculations

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Important information, must to be read and understood carefully and it may change, please talk to upline if there is any confusion:

What is e-Point?

An e-point is a number that corresponds to a visit done by an Individual to a designated website by clicking the respective weblink. This weblink is of a customer of Social Trade who has bought this e-point.
-    Before 13-Dec-2016, when you take 57500/- ID which is called STP-100, you basically purchase 6000 e-points, meaning you will get 6000 hits on your website which you gave for campaigning. Similarly for STP-50, you get 3000 e-points and so on for other lower value plans.

Starting 13-Dec-2016
-    we will have similar model, but we will understand it differently, I will try to explain it below:

a) 1 epoint will cost 10 rupees plus service tax. Meaning 5000 epoint will cost 50000Rs plus Service tax =57500 Rs. So when we buy 5000 epoints, we will pay 57500 Rs. And we will the daily task which will be calculated basis 2.5% of total epoints purchased in this example. So, you buy 5000 epoints in 57500, and you will get 125 daily task (5000*2.5%=125). Per link/click payout to you will also remain same, i.e 5Rs. So, nothing changes as such - but we all must know the calculation, how we are getting tasks, payouts etc.

b) For buying less than 5000 e points, take example of STP-50 ID worth 28750/- the daily task limit will be 2% of total epoints purchased. For all remaining plan it is 2% ...same like STP10, STP20 & STP50. So this is also unchanged, just the calculation model we need to understand. So STP50 will get 50 click per day, with same payouts.

To keep it simple, for all ePoints bought upto 4999, the User will get 2% and above 5000 till 10000, he/she will get 2.5% for the daily task.


c) User can purchase any number of epoints (1 to 10,000), but in the beginning let's stick to 57500 or 28750 plans to avoid any confusion.

d) Promotional Income will  be calculated by ePoints matching, which is 80 Paisa per ePoint Matching - same as before. So, when I get 1 5000 epoints ID (say STP100) in left and another same in right, I will get 5BV or 5000 Epoints matching/pair. So, the promotional income of this pair will be 5000*80 Paisa = 400000 Paisa = 4000 Rs. Again same as before. Ceiling should be same as applicable today.

e) Booster benefits can be avail in 20 days after your first purchase

. Booster Will be calculated by total number of ePoints purchased within 20 days by users sponsored by you. Booster percentage will be same as Daily Task percentage. So no change here as well.

f) Plan validity: 1 year. You can purchase ePoints unlimited times

. You can renew it, as per the renewal policy of the company - same as of now.

People will have flexibility to purchase whatever amount of epoints they want to purchase.. for 50,000 + 7500(ST) = 57500, one person will have 5000 epoints which means he will get 2.5% of 5000 = 125 task each day & payout will be at same rate as earlier ... better to bring people with this amount only ...

Lot of great news will be in the coming days and every ST member are going be benefited in a big way.

He has told all to write down the dreams and people can fulfill through Socialtrade.

His final words our 39,000 pincodes INTMAART will be the only one which will reach all the pincodes in the country and the world will watch Ablaze's success along with their distributors success.


How can a User get ePoints from Social Trade?
Ans. - A User can get Free ePoints and Paid ePoints.

a) When you do a free sign up, you will get 50 ePoints as a free epoint credit for your campaign AND then if you wish to get more ePoints FREE, you can promote other’s campaign free for which you will get that may number of ePoints free for the number of campaigns you have promoted free.

b) Using the same Sign up credentials, you can opt for Paid ePoints. You can buy as low as 500 ePoints and multiples of 500 thereafter upto 10000 (Ten Thousand) within 1 year of the contract term.


For more check social trade FAQs