SocialTrade.Biz Updates


1. You can recall your pending work before 12 from next weekend i.e. from 14th January
2. Redeem ePoints may not work for some more days, Cant give you exact date. But you guys dont need to worry, we ll generate invoice for all the users from our end
3. Payment Delay is due to less support of Banks due to currency issues, all banks are full with customers due to which we are facing little less support from the branches. We are expecting it to  be smooth again from February 1st week
4. As you must be aware, we are migrating our server to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft generally takes 45 days to build this much big setup, but somehow we managed to get it in 30 days. We might deploy the code & database to Microsoft by 20th January.
5. This 502, 503 are generally because of DB connectivity & IIS Configuration. We hope that once we move to MS, we ll not face any such challenge.
6. We have made support system centralised, all queries which are raised by any of the method includes Help Line Number, Help Desk, Office Reception, Via Relatioship Managers will go under one roof.

You will be able to see/track status of your query from your helpdesk section.

We have fixed standard time to solve the query is 24 to 72 Hours.

Kindly Ask your team to visit Ablaze Office less for queries, they can also raise their concern from helpdesk and customer care. If not solved in 72 Hours then they can visit ST office with their Ticket ID.

You all must be aware of ST Growth & Vision. I want you all to be supportive and positive.

Be Ready for ST Social Networking Website by the end of this month.

Here are some more updates, along with change in bank account,please read carefully:

Dear Users,
Kindly Follow below instructions for purchasing ePoints:

  • Do not make the payment using IMPS Mode.
  • Make the payment using NEFT/Demand Draft Mode Only.
  • Do not transfer more than 1 Payment from one account in a day.
  • Fill correct Account Number, UTR Number, Amount and Date of Amount Transfer in Purchase form.
  • Do not share transaction details to anybody, Ablaze is not responsible for the same.
    Social Trade Management.
    Ablaze started using Kotak instead of Yes Bank, please refer to for more details:Kotak Mahindra Bank

    Account Holder Name : Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited
    Account Number : 666011006189
    Branch : Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
    IFSC Code : KKBK0000180


    Dear Users,

    We have planned to implement the following changes:

    1. We will discontinue 7 days extension for booster in case of second purchase w.e.f. 01/01/2017.
    2. We will discontinue Name Change service of ST Account w.e.f. 07/01/2017.

    Regards Social Trade Management.

    Booster will be applicable within 20 days.
    booster button / symbol is available but now every body use smartly because it works only once in 20 days .

    if you can use this feature on 2nd day then links to be increase on parent id as per below STP added till 2nd day only .

    if you can use this feature / button / symbol , after 16 days and u added 2 left and 2 right direct sponsorship of any stp then links to be increase at parent id as per both addition on both directions till 16th day .

    example :-
    1. your parent id is stp 100 and children is stp 50 , then your link is 175 on 2nd day .
    2.  if parent id is stp 100 and on 3rd day children added both directions stp 50 , and on 10th day 2 more children added stp 50 direct sponsorship on both legs . now u can sue this feature , u will get 250 link from 11 th day .

    links increase on parent id only after upgradation .
    no benefit in terms of booster links / clicks.
    example :-
    1. if parent and children id is stp 50 ( total link on parent id is 100 ) and you upgrade / purchased more e points all 3 id ( parent and children from stp 50 to stp 100 ) then your link on parent id is 175 only not 250.

    hope now booster and upgradation  subject will be cleared.
    Also request to go throw FAQs regularly.


    Plans for Social Trade in 2017, it's aggressive, and good for all of us. ST team is working very hard for all of us, so lets be supportive:
    - In January -> Payment by 15 mins after epoints redemption
    - By Feb -> Social Media Platform like Facebook would be launched.
    - By Mar/Apr -> Digital Indian Card (DI Card) would be launched by Social Trade, this would be just charged like other prepaid, which could be used phone recarhds, online shopping, rail tickets, etc.
    - Site performance is being improved to support 5 crores users.



    As per above video below  are latest update  by  our MD Mr. Anubhav ji
    1. Our existing  portal is going  to  migrating on  Microsoft  server
    2 . We just complete our daily  work  ,rest ST team will take
    3 .work Not getting submitted  is no any issue ,ST team will take care of all pending  which  is not submitted
    4. epoints (negative  /less /more ) issue will be resolved  by ST once migration is completed
    5. old pending  Rewards distribution will start  in 2-3 working   day's  no need  to worry  for it
    6. Have patience , no need to panic


    • Dear All , Detailed discussion with Activation Team . request to you all Please consider 3 main points as mandate  ( Account number / NEFT / date of NEFT -  if before 3 PM then date will be of same day otherwise after 3 PM , date of next day ) .....  need to fill 100% correctly ....... for IMPS guys put registered mobile number in Account number option , to get fast activation ......
    • 94-95% activation going smooth only hurdle observed in remaining % ..... and root cause that details not perfectly matched .... per day more than 9K activation going on ......... Pl do twice or thrice recheck before filling all details for id ctivation .
    • UTR check from Bank pass book / remark column of internet banking / SMS received from bank after deductions .



    Good morning all

    Just had words with technical team, Regarding site , Issue from server end not from ablaze / socail trade . Anubhav and mahesh both are sitting right now with server team and trying to fix all glitches by end of day. Request to you all to please be calm  and patient as well as this will be a benefit in the long run.

    - Redeem option is off as of now from company's end for some testing purpose , communicate to your down line do their daily task. All points will be redeemed and everyone will get money credited in their account. Business volume details will reflect @ my connection on top of I'd as prior.

    - If any one fills all credentials 100% correct , ID will activate automatically in half an hour , I also tried . Those facing some issues on this part kindly do cross check , sure something will not be upto the mark . Last week's binary will be credited ( axis bank ) soon , so  please don't panic

    - Weekly payment of every body will be credited to account .

    - Except site performance all are small issues , Pl believe on Anubhav , he is software professional , busy in  fixing issues of websites . Soon again every body will rock

    - Handle your team smartly , cool and with good attitude .

    Everyone will do well and also earn well


    गुड न्यूज
    - जनवरी के पहले हफ्ते से आपके वर्क का पैसा submit करने के 15 मिनट में आपके खाते में क्रेडिट हो जायेगा
    - सोशल ट्रेड की साइट पर अब 5 करोड़ यूजर एक साथ online हो सकते हैं  अभी थोड़ा साइट पर काम चल रहा है इसलिए slow चल रही है, क्रप्या धैर्य रखें।
    - अभी कुछ समय हो सके तो सुबह 6 बजे तक वर्क पूरा कर लें।
    - जनवरी में रिवार्ड और रॉयलिटी बोनस एक बेहतर और अच्छी प्लानिंग के साथ आ रहे है
    - सोशल ट्रेड की ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग साइट जनवरी में active हो जायेगी जो कि इंडिया में नंबर 1 पर हो सकती है हमारे और आपके द्वारा।
    - अब आपको नेफ्ट करने से पहले आपको रजिस्ट्रेशन करना होगा, जिन्होंने पहले गलती कर दी उनको भी कंपनी एक मौका देगी सभी के बूस्टर एक्टिवेट होंगे
    - किसी भी अफवाह पर बिल्कुल ध्यान ना दें
    - अगर कोई बात है तो अपनी upline या मुझसे पूछ सकते है
    - कुछ लोग कंपनी से जुड़े होने के बाद भी अफवाह फैला रहे है लेकिन ऐसा कुछ नही है | वो ऐसा इसलिए कर रहे हैं चूंकि हो सकता है उन्हें कंपनी के बारे में पूरी जानकारी ना हो| कुछ लोग इसलिए गुमराह कर रहे है कि आपकी इनकम उन लोगों के बराबर या उनसे ज्यादा ना हो जाये
    - एक बात और इस समय सोशल ट्रेड (ablaze info solution pvt ltd ) की 200 से अधिक कंपनी कॉपी कर चुकि है आप जानते है नकल तो नकल है
    - 2017 तक सोशल ट्रेड दुनिया में छा जायेगा ये मेरा कंपनी के प्रति विश्वास है


    21-Dec-2016>>>> Important: Please put registered mobile number (rather than bank account number) in case of IMPS only and in UTR please put the number which is starting from 6 digit.

    Good Morning.
    We are taking brief interview of visitors in Ablaze Head Office.
    If we found any person not having knowledge of Internet, Social Media and Social Trade Services, we are giving them refund and also taking appropriate action against the person who made the sale.
    ST's Targeted audience is limited, We will not tolerate any of the distributor to promote ST as a Investment or Network Marketing Company.
    Expecting your support in this as well.

    There are some challenges in ST Website
    1. Showing negative ePoints in Redeem ePoints section - It will be fixed today
    2. Unable to redeem ePoints - It will be fixed today
    3. Promotion Income not credited to Axis Bank Account Holders - It will be credited with this session income, It was on hold due to delay of MIS report from Axis Bank
    4. Booster - Kindly keep patience for 2 days, we will activate all pending boosters from our end
    5. Rewards - We will issue flipkart/snapdeal/amazon coupons for Tablet/iPhone/Laptop/Mac Book by the end of this month

    Please refer to this link to know about Negative epoints on Social Trade while trying to redeem...

    Just now had a long call with my upline and here are the updates

    *Booster not activated. Why? What next?*
    1. For cases where payment is done prior to Id creation, Booster is not activated.
    Eg: payment done on 11th but Id created on 12th. In such cases, upline will not get booster. As there is no prior notice of it, ST is reverting back the decision and Tech team is working on booster activations. For already done cases also, Booster works as usual for now. But going forward, follow happy path flow. 1st Id creation and then neft payment.
    2. Expecting it to be solved soon and keep patience.
    3. Eventhough everything is fine but booster not activated cases also, please be patient.

    *Accounts not activated. Why?.What next?*
    1. For Imps transactions, there is a small technical bug and few Id's are not activated although everything is correct. Tech team is working on it and expected to fix this issue by 21st Dec morning. Please be patient.
    2. For Neft transactions, update the date as amount credited date to ST.
    Eg: If payment is done on after neft hours of 9th Dec, update neft date as 12th Dec.(as 10th and 11th dec are bank Holidays)
    3. Please use the neft UTR sample details shared by seniors to avoid mistakes.

    *Payment mode updated to weekly. Will it be daily again? What to do*
    1. ST is finding it to difficult communicate to manage this as Banks are studded with lakhs of transactions. As an alternate for now, payment mode is changed to weekly. ST is finding a way to manage this and expected to be daily payment after 1st week of jan 2017. More good news is daily task amount is expected to be credited within 15mins of invoice generation.

    *Invoice is missing. What to do? What next?*
    1. There is a glitch in software and Tech team is working on it. Expected to be fixed soon.
    2. Alternate solution is to redeem the ePoints again if the invoice is missing.
    3. Consolidated Invoice gets generated.
    4. More good news is, ST is planing to take out Redeem feature and back to normal. Submit the work and invoice gets generated.
    5. ST also working on to implement generate invoice preforma to regenerate missing Invoices.

    *Site is slow. Not available. What to do*
    1. Do not worry. Site has capacity to support 5 crore users.
    2. As background upgradations are going on site is slow intermittently.
    3. ST also has to do load testing and that forced them to make it live. Yes, many feel this could have been avoided.

    *Rewards and Royalty bonus*
    1. ST is working on it and will update more on it shortly.

    All in all, please be patient and give time for ST to focus on their work.

    I believe in, When going gets tough the tough gets going.

    Those who done NEFT/IMPS..No problems so far.. problem is just we are not getting emails from Axis bank so Ablaze have to verify physically after visiting Axis bank which can delay activation. For Latest bank details refer to
    - So please don't do NEFT/IMPS in Axis bank and follow to do in Yes bank.
    - Very soon Kotak Mahindra bank will be available on website.
    - Also please don't do Yes to Yes bank intrabanking transaction as well.
    - All banks to Yes bank is possible. Even from Axis to Yes is possible. Only try to avoid Yes to Yes for timing. Kotak Mahindra will be introduced shortly.


    Response on few questions from Social Trade team:Q1) Contract period - 1 year ?
    Ans: EPoints Validity & Daily Task validity is 365 DaysQ2) Campaign to be updated every six months ? What is the difference .
    Ans: User can not run a single campaign for more than 6 Months. User can have multi campaignsQ3) Process for  account renewal ?
    Ans: Renewal Process is simple, User needs to purchase ePoints againQ4) How to check if account active or not  ?
    Ans: There is no concept of Activation/ DeActivation now, User needs to check from his purchase summary about the allotment of ePointsQ5) How to check left out days for ?booster activation.( up-gradation with 7 days booster option still open?)
    Ans: This feature will be live by todayQ6) How to raise  pro-forma invoice for earlier days?
    Ans: This feature will take 1 week timeQ7) Rewards not visible at portal
    Ans: Rewards will be visible by the end of this week


    Hi All,

    Most of pending activation NEFT/IMPS are rejected as they have to reload payment details via new process.

    Ask user to follow new process of activation like to purchase ePoints and then fill payment details accordingly.

    I hope all remaining activation will be done soon after this getting done.



    Some useful tips for New website:

    1)For today task.-->go to "Earn ePoints" and click "View Advertisements"

    2)To Submit Daily task -- >go to"My Campaigns"-->"epoints"--> "Redeem epoints"

    3)For my work payout--> go to my account  and click "redeem summary"

    4)For my promotional-->go to my accounts and click  "commission summary"

    5)For my network -->go to my connections and click "genealogy"

    6)For my team -->go to my connections and click "connections"

    7)For my business--> go to my connections and click "sale statistics"

    8)To update kyc & my profile & Bank Details.. just click on 3 horizontal lines near dashboard. (Upper right corner)-->manage profile



    Quick Guidelines for Social Trade New Website

    Purchase Packages
    Now any user can purchase any number of ePoints in the multiple of 100. Price per ePoint is 11.5/- (Including Service Tax)
    A User can purchase maximum 10,000 ePoints within 1 Year.

    Steps : Dashboard --> My Campaigns --> ePoints --> Purchase ePoints

    Today Tasks
    Today Task has been renamed to "Earn ePoints", Now you can earn two type of ePoints from this section 1) Normal ePoints 2) Premium ePoints
    You will get paid for only Premium ePoints

    Steps : Dashboard --> Earn ePoints --> Earn Premium ePoints

    My Work Payouts
    After Earning the Premium ePoints, You can redeem those ePoints to your bank account.
    You can view the My Work Payout Invoice in My Accounts Sections

    Steps to redeem ePoints to your Bank Account : Dashboard --> My Campaign --> ePoints --> Redeem ePoints
    Step to view My Work Payouts Invoices : Dashboard --> My Accounts --> Redeem Summary

    Browse the website for rest of the features.

    We hope you ll enjoy it.

    Anubhav Mittal


    Hi, Good Evening.

    We are facing following major challenges now a days in ST

    1) Delay in Activation
    2) Payouts Getting delayed
    3) Website performance
    4) Rewards & Sales Bonus
    5) Customer Care Support

    I am sharing this with you because i consider you a asset and bone on ST.

    I have following inputs in above mentioned problems

    1) Activation - All problems can be solved if we strictly ask team to fill correct details only and we stop entertaining small small mistakes in Account Number & UTR Number

    We wants to reject all the NEFT/IMPS details if details are not matching properly.

    We dont want to put manual effors for activation, we have already build a software to activate accounts having correct details.

    2) Payout Problem - Since today its a group of more than 5 Lac users, Its quiet difficult for us to maintain regular payouts. We wants to make it weekly payout module.

    Very soon in 1-2 Months we are expecting Yes Bank Integration done, So that we can start instant payment module.

    3) Website Performance - We have made some changes before 3 days, I believe website challenges are decreasing. We are hoping it to be permanently resolved when the new website will be live (It is expected on 12th Dec)

    4) Rewards & Royalty - As per our terms these things can change time to time.

    We are going to give a surpise to you on 1st January.

    I believe that surprise will  be more powerful than any reward & royalty.

    5) Customer Care - As you know we have outsourced the entire CC Department. It is taking some time to get them trained properly. Expected date to train them full is 31st Dec 2016.

    We all will have a wondeful & most  beautiful year in 2017.

    I wants to listen from you in above 5 points before proceeding.

    Your's Anubhav Mittal