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Please treat this as very important task and mistakes may lead to blocking of account. Please read all points carefully.

Before Creating an account with Social trade, First get the following

  1. Copy of Aadhar Card/Passport/Voter Id/Driving license
  2. Copy of PAN Card
  3. Copy of Cancelled Cheque (Name of Account owner must be clear on it)/Bank PassBook
  4. Ready with the amount to be transferred for the Chosen plan

Points to Remember :

  1. The copies should be clear and good resolution. Any kind of Blurs are not accepted.
  2. On the cancelled Cheque, Printed name & IFSC code is mandatory.
  3. The IFSC code should be clearly visible on the cancelled cheque.
  4. Do not write over the IFSC code while cancelling the cheque.
  5. Photo, Printed name and IFSC code are mandatory Incase of using the bank passbook.
  6. The Plan amount has to be transferred within 48 hours from the Registration and the delay in payment leads to Blocking of the account.
  7. Add the Payee at least 24-48 hours prior to transfer . Banks limit the amount to be transferred with in 48 hours.
  8. While adding ABLAZE as a payee, Select Account type as “Current”
  9. For bank account details,refer to
  10. Prefer to choose the transfer type as “NEFT”. In case of booster expiry day, Prefer IMPS.
  11. As per advise from Activation Team, request to you all Please consider 3 main points as mandate  ( Account number / NEFT / date of NEFT -  if before 3 PM then date will be of same day otherwise after 3 PM , date of next day ) .....  need to fill 100% correctly ....... for IMPS guys put registered mobile number in Account number option , to get fast activation
  12. Always enter the Sponsor Id first and make sure its correct to avoid any mistakes
  13. Double check the position LEFT or RIGHT, once submitted you cannot change it back.
  14. Choose the name that displays on PASSBOOK/Cancelled chequeUse simple passwords (name followed by year of birth, Eg : ganesh@85)
  15. After clicking on Signup button, please be patient as sometime it may take 5 mins time for signup.
  16. Do not click on ‘submit’ for multiple times and it leads to creating multiple duplicate Id’s
  17. If the Id creation is failed for some reason, it is advised to login to Upline account and check the Networks. (This is just to make sure there is no ID is created)
  18. Make the Payment to Socialtrade via NEFT/Imps

Detailed steps to Open an account with Socialtrade

  • Signup with
  • Type the URL,
  • Click on Signup on the top right corner


  • Enter Sponsor Id (6th text box) and ENTER, it fetches the Sponsor name (into 7th text box)
  • Select the position (LEFT or RIGHT) and
  • Enter all the other details like Name, Mail Id, Contact Number, password.
  • Select the checkbox for TERMS & CONDITIONS
  • Click on Singup to get the User Id.
  • Take a Note of the User Id


After you click on "Sign up" button, you will get your ID in next screen, as shown below.


Just incase, you do not get new ID over SMS or like this on computer. Ask your upline to login and let you know know the ID from network (Genealogy or Connections).

Congratulations ! your ID is created

Login to using your ID and password, and click on next button for instructions to purchase e-points or ID activation request.