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Social Media exchange is a unique concept of online Barter system which creates a win-win situation for users. On one hand, it allows you to increase your social penetration and internet popularity while on the other, you get paid for promoting others on social media, which implies a user is both a consumer and service provider. Social Trade believe that every opinion counts, and thus, we provide you coins on sharing your experience as a customer.

Social Trade is a Social Media exchange portal brought to you by Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited. Ablaze has been constantly working in the direction of bridging the gap between web and paper. This is another shot by Ablaze to narrow in this gap and move from paper based promotions to online.

With it's quality to provide online digital marketing, it's also becoming very famous for online part-time job for people of age between 18-65, specially for house wifes.

On this site a person can purchase a Digital Marketing Packages in form of e-Points, and promote their Webpage as an advertisement for their business, passion, personal achievement, etc. This not only helps business to grow, but helps you get online presence, which can help you explore multiple avenues of growth.

While an individual is getting their advertisements promoted, they can view advertisements of others, and get paid for viewing those advertisements.

This company user base is growing very fast due to such attractive business model. You can also get benefit through it, if you are looking for online work to earn decent money.

You would require a Sponsor to get connected to this business, because it's grows in a network model.

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